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today is the start of my 1st ABC
i'm being supported so that will help alot
this site has helped me so much and people are so nice
i fast yesterday and today i get 500 cals or less
cadio for 30 mins but i think i'm
longer than that just cause i feel like i shoulw
and 50 crunches but i did 100
i'm working my butt off and its starting to pay off i'm so happy
its like a high to see that i'm loosing weight i love it
thank you so much to everyone on here

CW:127 lost 2lbs
HW: 140
Short Term goal weight: 120
Long term goal weight: 98

February: 120
March: 115
April: 110
May: 105
June: 100
July: 98

i dont think that this will be hard with all ya'alls support
let me know if you want to text i have unlimited

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Where are you from? Well done on your 2 lbs =)

Ohio my name is MK and i'm 17 what about you?

(Deleted comment)
yeah its going really well for me so far =] are you doing anything right now?

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