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okay so today i had about 450cals.. nasty i feel so gross and just want to get sick everywhere but my mom has been on me all day. were out of school right now for 7 days and will be going back on tues then i will not have to worry about eatting in the morning or at lunch then i also dont have to eat dinner cause my family is busy during the week i can't wait.. it will be amazing. tonight my family and some family friends are getting together to go out to eat so i will have to eat but ill eat small and then most likely have to purge cuase that will be way to much in me. my mother has been yelling at me all day about food and its really hard to get way from her she is being a bitch.. i just want to get out of here so i can do what i want to do and  not worry about someone watching me all the time. i'll be going away for school at the end of next year so i can't wait. i'm 17 and just want out family life is getting hard with this.
text or AIM let me know <3 good luck babe's


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